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Passing the HKMLE: working in HK I 17.03.2018

     On Saturday 17th March, 2018, over 70 medical students across the UK attended our annual HKMLE talk. This year it was hosted in Guy’s Hospital Tower Lecture Theatre, in collaboration with AMSA-UK. It ran smoothly and was very well received. Having studied medicine in the UK and worked in both Hong Kong as well without being able to speak fluent cantonese, Dr. Nikki Lee could share her unique personal experience of taking the HKMLE, and gave us a realistic and detailed account about her internship year in Hong Kong, comparing it to working in the UK. We also live streamed the event on Facebook for anyone who are interested but could not make it! Click here for more photos

Chinese New Year Gathering I 18.01.18

  On the afternoon of 18th March, 2018, a total of 18 HKMSUK members joined our CNY lunch at Haozhan in Chinatown, London. Apart from enjoying scrumptious dim sum at a fair price, we also got entertained by an energetic dragon dance show. Our event ended with a mini lucky draw, congratulations to the 3 lucky winners who won some festive edible delights! Thank you to all attendees and we wish everyone good health and good fortune in the Year of the Dog! Hope to see you in our last, but definitely not least, the event of the year-a talk on the HKMLE and life as an intern in Hong Kong on the 17th March, 2018. Click here for more photos

London Christmas Gathering - Winterland I 09.12.17


     On the 9th of December, HKMSUK held two Christmas socials, one in London and one in Manchester. In London, 17 people came and we went to a new Christmas themed Winterland by the river in Fulham, where we mingled and had good food in a festive atmosphere. Thank you to everyone who came along! We had a great time and hope you enjoyed it too :) Click here for more photos

Manchester Christmas Gathering I 09.12.17


     On the 9th of December, HKMSUK held two Christmas socials, one in London and one in Manchester. In Manchester, 12 students representing 4 universities managed to brave the blizzardy cold to meet for the first event in the north. We took shelter from the hailing snow at the renown vintage retreat ‘The Oast House’, where we enjoyed a delightful traditionally rustic pub lunch. The event was a major success as everyone managed to connect and bond well! Click here for more photos

CALL ME DR. - How to prepare for FY training| 14.10.17


     On the 11th of November, 2017, 35 medical students attended the Hong Kong Medical Society of United Kingdom’s talk “Call Me Doctor - How to Prepare for Foundation Year Training”, which was held in London. We were very fortunate to hear from three inspiring speakers, Dr. Clara Lai, Dr. Katherine Law, and Dr. Ernest Lim, who each shared their unique experiences of the Foundation programme after medical school. They discussed their choices for electives, the Situational Judgement Test, the application system for Foundation Year, the Academic Foundation Programme and the clinical years at medical school. Following the talk, 17 of us enjoyed a delicious meal at Siam Central Restaurant. Save the date for our Christmas event! It will be held on the 9th of December so put it in your calendar, details will soon follow! Click here for more photos




     On the 14th October, HKMSUK had a hot pot social event in the UK. The event took place at Hot Pot in Chinatown, where over 20 medical students and doctors from various universities came for dinner. We all had a great time mingling in a friendly atmosphere, and we ended the event with free dessert! Click here for more photos



     On the 7th of September, HKMSUK organised a talk, "Aspiring Medical Students", for secondary school students who are interested in applying for medical school in the UK and their parents, which attracted over 90 attendees. Our committee members delivered an informative talk about the process of applying for medical school and how to choose which medical schools are suitable for them. We also offered individual advises for those who came up to us with some questions after the talk. Best of luck to those applying for medical school and we hope to see you soon! 

MEET & GREET | 31.08.17



     On Thursday 31st August, HKMSUK’s annual Meet & Greet was successfully held at Academic Asia in Hong Kong. Participants, including incoming medical freshers as well as medical students from across the years, enjoyed the 3 ice-breaking activities we played. All of us had a great laugh and a fruitful night getting to chat and mingle with each other. Click here for more photos


     On Thursday 17th August, over 60 HK medical students studying in various universities in the UK and prospective medical students from high school attended our first summer event, "Doctors Across Borders" at KGV School, Kowloon. The students gained valuable insight into the experiences and challenges of working in various countries. Our three speakers were Dr. Kenneth Wong, Dr. Nicole Tsim and Dr. Andrew Kuk, all of whom have practised in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United States and Australia. The talk was followed by dinner at a Chinese restaurant nearby. Click here for more photos

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