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HKU "140 for 140"

Our webinar featured four HKUMed guest speakers, giving us useful insights of how to work in HK for HKU as an academic physician. The webinar included a sharing session from the current professorial faculty and ended with a QnA session.

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Aspiring Medical Students

Medical students currently studying in the UK gave a talk to introduce the UK healthcare system, medical school application process and teaching styles, in the process sharing their experiences of their lives as a medical student in the United Kingdom. In addition, we were delighted to have our partner The Hong Kong Medical Society of Australia (HKMSA) provide insight into the application process for Australian medical schools.

UA Meet & Greet

On 21st August, our university ambassadors came together to play some online games and get to know each other better. We started with an icebreaker then proceeded with interactive games including Skribbl and Codewords.

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Mentorship Session With 
Dr. Lam Ching-Choi

Dr Lam Ching-choi, SBS, JP kindly invited medical students to a casual chat to discuss topics of common interest, including medical careers, special registration for non-locally trained doctors and public services.

HKMSUK Doctors : Foundation Training Applications Talk

Junior doctors in the foundation and specialised foundation programme (previously known as AFP) were invited the share their experiences of applying for foundation jobs and their day to day life as a junior doctor. Basics of the Foundation application and new pathways introduced this year was also covered.

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HKMSUK Doctors : Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

On September 18th, doctors from across the UK came together for our first doctor's social of the year in London. We had a dimsum lunch followed by a game of electric shuffleboard. Of course, mooncake was shared amongst everyone.

HKMSUK Meet and Greet 

On October 23rd, we held our first meet and greet of the year in London, which was a great opportunity for members to catch up and meet new members as well. After a meal of delicious dim sum, we went for some bowling. Merch bags were also distributed with our HKMSUK tote bag, snacks, pens and food vouchers. 

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HKMSUK Christmas Social

This year, we made a change and held our Christmas social in Birmingham. We started the day with some authentic Indian food, then visited the Christmas market for more food and drinks, and of course to shop for some traditional food and gifts. 

Doctor's Coffee Conversation : Working in Hong Kong

This event is a new initiative to know what it really is like to move back to HK to work. We had two experienced doctors who shared their own personal stories regarding their journey back to HK from UK. What did it take to pass the HKMLE? What cultural adjustments did they go through? Do they regret their decision? 

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UA Chinese New Year Social 

Our university ambassadors came together again for another fun social to celebrate Chinese New Year. We played games like Anagram and Skribbl in small groups.


We had lunch at Pearl Liang in mid February, where we gathered with fellow medics/dentists over some authentic roast duck and dim sum to celebrate Chinese New Year. We also had a lucky draw with prizes!

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Hong Kong Day 

HKMSUK & AMSA UK hosted this event where we gave medical students & doctors a better idea of the application process and how working is like in Hong Kong. With speakers from both Hong Kong and the UK, we had talks on the medical registration amendment bill, limited registration, clinical internship as well as electives in Hong Kong, along with a Q&A session in the end. After the conference, we had a lunch gathering.

End-of-Year Formal: Festa by the Thames

As a new initiative, HKMSUK hosted its first black tie event to mark the end of the year. A 4-course dinner was served as sharing plates to the whole table at Tavolino, which was a perfect opportunity to catch up with fellow medics/dentists with some authentic Italian food, along with an amazing view of the Tower Bridge and River Thames.

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Study with HKMSUK

Study with HKMSUK sessions are held regularly for the entire year,  covering high yield topics like Cardiology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Vascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry and Urological emergencies. With the support of Lecturio, questions are given after each session as consolidation. 

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