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Aspiring Medical Students


Thinking of studying medicine in the UK?

You have come to the right place! We have some resources for you. 

Together with our University Ambassadors, we have put together a guide detailing our UAs' insights into the medical schools.

Before applying to medical school, you need to take entrance examinations such as the UCAT and BMAT.

Not sure about how to prepare for them?

We have you covered with Medify’s all-in-one online question bank. From UCAT practice questions to Personal Statement guidance, Medify provides all the services that an aspiring medic should need to secure an offer from the medical school of your choice. 

Still need more guidance?

Click here to access our list of resources for aspiring medical students.

If you have yet to apply for medical school, keep your eyes peeled for our annual ‘Aspiring Medical Student’ Event in August, where we invite medical students to share their personal application experience and to answer your queries!

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