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HK vs UK: Specialties Training

Our webinar featured four doctor guest speakers, two from HK and two in the UK, with one in family medicine and the other in surgery from each country. We compared the different training pathways and ended off with a short Q&A.

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Aspiring Medical Students

Medical students currently studying in the UK gave a talk to introduce the UK healthcare system, medical school application process and teaching styles, in the process sharing their experiences of their lives as a medical student in the United Kingdom. In addition, we were delighted to have our partner The Hong Kong Medical Society of Australia (HKMSA) provide insight into the application process for Australian medical schools.

140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges, HKUMed

HKMSUK partnered with HKU Medicine in creating the event '140 for 140: Great Minds for Great Challenges' for our members. We were joined by 7 doctors from HKU who spoke about research, teaching and clinical opportunities, along with one's job prospectus in HKU. They are Professor Vivian Lin, Professor Joseph Lui, Professor Gilberto Leung, Professor Leung Wai-Keung, Professor Gilberto Leung, Dr. Winnie Tso, and last but not least Dr Gary Chan.

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Get Ahead of the Curve with Lecturio

We partnered with Lecturio for an online seminar exploring the best ways to utilise your Lecturio account while away from university, as well as other home-friendly study tips.

Back to School Social

On September 12th we hosted a back-to-school-themed social event. With participants split into 4 teams, we kicked off with a quick ice-breaker before some intriguing quiz rounds including: Class 1: What am I? [Riddles], Class 2: Countdown [Maths/English], Breaktime: Hide&Seek, Class 3: Extracurricular [Computing/Geography/PE], and Class 4: Rewind with Master Joe [Music/History].

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Road to LMCHK Success

On September 26th, we teamed up with The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong 香港執照醫生醫學會 to bring you a panel session on returning to work as a doctor in Hong Kong, covering topics such as passing the HKMLE and adjusting to the working environment in Hong Kong. It was a pleasure to hear from our speakers Dr Oscar Chiu, Dr Grace Kwok and Dr Ralph Lee. We hope you found the event helpful!

HKMSUK Alumni Meet and Greet [18.10.2020]

On the 18th October 2020, we held our first HKMSUK alumni event for our doctor members. Safe to say, the event was a massive success, and everyone really enjoyed the night. We kicked things off with a general meet and greet ice breaker, then proceeded with a short quiz to round the night off. Our alumni enjoyed the pleasant evening meeting members of similar backgrounds, and seeing familiar faces was an added bonus! Watch this space for the next event!

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HKMSUK Meet and Greet

This year, our annual meet and greet event was held successfully over zoom. With the help of our amazing UAs, 3 regional events were held for students to meet others within similar regions. A variety of online games were played from: Among Us, Codename, Covidoply, Kahoot quiz, Mafia, Pysch, and Skribblio. Our online socials are becoming more popular and it’s been a great way for members to catch-up and meet members from other regions!

Foundation Application: Preparation and Getting it Right

In the first event of our non-academic teaching series, we covered how to prepare for foundation applications and how to approach some of the choices that need to be made. It was wonderful to hear the experiences of foundation doctors working all around the UK.

Dental Quiz Night.png

HKMSUK Dental Quiz Night

In setting up our dental branch we hosted a special quiz for our dentistry student members to meet each other as well as our committee, and test their general knowledge by teaming up with other HKMSUK [Dentistry] members!

Guide to Specialty Training Applications

In the second event of our non-academic teaching series, we invited speakers across the UK to share their personal experiences and tips for the specialty application process. 


Guide to a Competitive Portfolio - Tips for Publications, Audits & QIP [24.01.2021]

With a focus on "Portfolio Building - Tips for Publications, Audits and QIP", we have invited speakers with vast experiences to share their tips and tricks for building a competitive portfolio - covering all 10 aspects of the portfolio! 

SMSUK x MMI-UK x HKMSUK: Modern Medicine: How to be a Good 21st Century Doctor

This was our annual medical conference, jointly held between SMSUK, MMI UK and HKMSUK. Through a series of talks, delegates gained a deeper understanding of how healthcare varies in different settings and the influence of technology in medicine. For our workshops, there was a greater focus on careers options, with small group discussions on IMT/CST training, AFP advice, how to get involved in research and publications as a medical student and CV clinics.


HKDLE and Working in Dental Practice in Hong Kong

In our first ever dental talk, we were pleased to have Dr Denise Giles, BDS (University of Wales), MFGDP(UK), Dr Derek Fung BDS (Newcastle), MFDS (RCSEd) and Dr Caroline Mo, BDS (Cardiff) as our speakers. They shared their advice on preparing for the Hong Kong Dental Licensing exam, as well as practicing Dentistry in Hong Kong.

Dentistry Career Paths: United Kingdom vs Hong Kong

We were delighted to have Dr. Kenneth Chan BDS (Lond), MSc (Implant Dent) (HK), MFDS RCSEd, MFDS RCPS(Glasg) with us to share his personal experience and tips for the HKDLE, followed by a Q&A.

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HK Dental Licensing Exam: Mission Possible? - A UK Dentist's Perspective [27.03.2021]

We were delighted to have Dr. Clement Lau (BDS(London), MFDS RCS (England), MSc (DPH)(UCL), DDPH RCS (England), MOrtho (HK), RCS(Edinburgh), Adv Dip Orth (HK), FCDSHK, FHKAM) as our speaker. He gave us his advice on the Hong Kong Dental Licensing Exam, and shared about his working and training experience in UK and Hong Kong.

Limited Registration: What are the Options?

We invited Dr Sharon Wong (Chief Manager, Medical Grade) to give an update on the Limited Registration (LR) Scheme and the opportunities for non-locally trained doctors in HA under the LR Scheme in Hong Kong.

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