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Got your offer to study medicine? Congratulations!! But worried about going to a foreign place for medical school? Don’t worry, we have our “Guide to Medical school in UK” to help! Join our society to network with fellow medical students from Hong Kong and beat that homesickness!

Resources for

current students

Now, to tackle medical exams, HKMSUK is proud to be partnered with various resources to give you the best support and prices for you to ace your exams! Please click on the images below to access your discounts - discount codes are available in HKMSUK Newsletters EKHO. 

Electives in 

Hong Kong

Interested in gaining some clinical experience in Hong Kong? Electives in Hong Kong are mainly hosted by the Hong Kong University (HKU) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Applications begin up to a year prior to attachment. 

For more information, below are information from previous members who have attached at either university respectively. 

Thinking of Returning to Hong Kong after Medical School? 

Here’s a presentation presented by Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary of Administration - Matthew Cheung Kin-Chung on why one should return to Hong Kong. HKMSUK have also complied a document that summarises on how to return to Hong Kong, which may be accessed here


There are 2 main pathways to go to Hong Kong as a UK medical graduate:

Passing the Hong Kong Medical Licentiate Examination (HKMLE)

The HKMLE is a required examination undertaken by medical graduates that have not graduated in HK wishing to practice medicine in the region. The exam is split into 3 sections: 

1. Part I (Examination in Professional Knowledge)

2. Part II (Proficiency Test in Medical English).

3. Part III (Clinical Examination). The exam is held twice a year - with Part I and II in early March/early September and Part III in mid-May/mid-November.


Candidates must pass Parts I and II in order to be eligible to apply for Part III. 


Upon passing all 3 components of the exam, an internship year consisting of rotations in O&G, Paediatrics, Medicine and Surgery have to be completed in order to gain full registration. 


For more information, please visit The Medical Council of Hong Kong’s Website. 


HKMSUK holds talks annually by inviting speakers who have passed the HKMLE to share their experiences. Below are some slides of previous speakers who shared their experiences.

Returning under the Limited Registration Scheme

The second route to working as a doctor in Hong Kong is the Limited Registration Scheme. This allows doctors that have not passed the HKMLE to work as a clinician in Hong Kong, under specific contracts signed with the Government, or the Hospital Authority (HA), or the universities in Hong Kong (HKU or CUHK). The maximum duration of the Limited Registration is 3 years, and upon expiry of the contract, one can apply for a renewal. Applicants of the scheme are not required to take the HKMLE in order to practice in Hong Kong. 

Here are some information from the relevant bodies of Hong Kong regarding the Limited Registration Scheme: 

  1. Government of Hong Kong: 

  2. Hospital Authority of Hong Kong: 

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