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Be a University Ambassador

Get in touch with your university ambassador to keep in the loop and hear about events happening at your university.

If your university doesn’t have an ambassador yet and you would like to become one, you can apply here .  



Role of a University Ambassador

Are you motivated, enthusiastic and outgoing?  Apply to become a UNIVERSITY AMBASSADOR and represent your medical school. Our University Ambassadors play a key role in the society, and help to establish a more cohesive and solid community within each medical school.


As a university ambassador, your responsibilities are to:

  1. Develop relationships with HK medical students from your university and establish a platform for communication and networking (such as a Whatsapp or Facebook group).

  2. Arrange socials at least once a term for HK medics within the university.  

  3. Promote HKMSUK activities and events at your university.

  4. Oversee the mentorship program and relay feedback to the committee.

  5. Organise tutorials within your university.

  6. Keep in contact with alumni from your university.


University Ambassador will receive a certificate at the end of the year, which can be used in their portfolio.

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