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Founders' Words

Welcome to the Hong Kong Medical Society of the United Kingdom (HKMSUK)!


We are very excited to have launched this initiative to connect Hong Kong medical students studying in the United Kingdom. We aim to form a supporting community for freshers, create networking opportunities for students, and provide a platform where ideas and information about working as a doctor in Hong Kong as compared to the UK can be shared.


We strive to enhance each student’s medical experience through hosting a variety of events in both Hong Kong and the UK. Recognising the importance of peer support - especially for those just about to embark on their journey of medical school - we have recently begun a Mentorship Programme to provide freshers with guidance and tips to thrive. We have also introduced University Ambassadors to better connect Hong Kong medics and reach out to alumni at each university.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events! Whether you have just moved to the UK and would like guidance or have long since graduated and want to reconnect and share your experiences with medics from home, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. In addition to our mentoring programme, our events include socials for networking, information sessions and much more. Planning for the future and keeping options open can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start; so we will have doctors sharing their work experiences and discussing the HKMLE.


Thank you to all our members for your support! We look forward to seeing you at our events. If you aren’t one yet, become a member here and please contact us at if you have any queries.


Carol and Charlotte

September 2016

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