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We are excited to announce a new year of the HKMSUK Mentorship Programme for 2017-18!


In this programme, we aim to pair up mentors and mentees from the same university to provide guidance for freshers entering medical school in the UK.



For those entering second year or above:



Remember how anxious you were when you started uni in new city and surrounded by unfamiliar faces? Did you wish someone had told you more about medic life? YOU could make the transition smoother and easier to freshers by becoming a MENTOR now!


This programme aims to assist the new students adjusting to life in the UK and enrich their first year experience in university. It also provides opportunities to reinforce your own study skills and meet new friends!



For freshers just about to enter first year:


As exciting as it is to be accepted into university in the UK for medicine, it can also be slightly daunting to move to a new place with lots of different people and juggle university work with settling in, getting to know everyone, and doing other activities. Here is where your mentor can help!


Mentors are medical students in older years whom you can meet up with throughout the year and get advice from. It can be anything you need, from sharing your concerns and asking questions to just a casual hang out to get to know them better.  

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